What Is Faux Utopia?
Was a projects based on the vision on seeking the perspective of escapism of modernity chaos and speculative experiments on better society. Its always being my personal approach and kinda like to keep this pilot projects to continue as my first resume and journey of discovery.

It’s a lot of mixture of various practice and always non-binary. The projects itself was develop together with artist, curator, designer, musician, scientist, engineers, architect, programmers, chef and many more.


BIO (B — Salatiga, Indonesia, 26th August 1988)
Curators, writer, cultural producer & makers based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Her main interest is interdisciplinary collaborative projects with innovative aspect for society. She interests in creating alternative channels of art & society various tools & experiment space.

2007 – 2013: International Relation, social and politics faculty (BA), University of Pembangunan Nasional ‘Veteran’ (UPN), Yogyakarta
2009: Archivist at Indonesian Visual Art Archieve, Published at Seni Rupa dan Gender
2011 – 2012: Manager at Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta
2012 – 2013: Executive Director at Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta
2014 – Present : Artistic Director at Prison Art Foundation, Yogyakarta
2012: Forum Kurator Muda, Cemeti Art Foundation — Young Curator Forum
2014 – 2015: Founding Member, Program Manager, SaRanG Building, Yogyakarta
2014 – present: Artistic Consorsium for ArtJog, Yogyakarta
2014 – present: Associate Curators at Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta
2015: Founding Member, Transformaking Festival
2016: Founding Member, Kongsi Benang Collective
2018: Founding Member, WAT Studio
2018 – Present: Curator Boards, Art Bali Building, Nusa Dua, bali
2015 – Present: Associate Curator, ARTJOG, Yogyakarta
2018 – Present: Founder and Board Members, WAT Studio
2018 – Present: Program Director, Jogja National Museum

2012 – 2013
The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar, Colonialization of sugar history projects. Collaboration within Noorderlicht Photography (Gronigen, Netherlands), Ruang Rupa (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Langgeng Art Foundation (Yogyakarta, Indonesia).
1. De Vrouw, Retrospective Show of Kolloniale Tentonsteling, Gallery Semarang, Semarang, Indonesia
2. Memajang Boleh Saja Asal Ada Maksudnya, Forum Ceblang-Ceblung, Sarang Building, Yogyakarta

Program Coordinator and Moderator for Biennale Equator XIII Blueprints FGD’s, Biennale Indonesia
1. Dance of Luminaries, Betty Susiardja’s residency based show, Sarang Building, Yogyakarta
2. Polychromatics, A drawing exhibition of 24 most leading visual artist in Indonesia, Green Art Space — Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
3. ArtJog | 8, “Infinity In Flux”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia
4. VOLUMES, Galuh Anindita’s Ceramic Show, Green Art Space — Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
5. Transformaking Exhibition, International Summit on Critical Makers 2015, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
6. Towards The Days of Tomorrow, A group show of abstract painting — Greenhost boutique hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

1. Finalist at Afsnit I Festival, Stenlose, Denmarks. Together with “XXLab” exploring new media works about sex education for kids.