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Speculative Memories


ARTBALI 2019 | Departing from the idea of ​​exploring different narration and genealogy of history in various approaches interpreted in ‘speculative memories’. This idea comes along with the presentation of reality, which was constructed by the different social and political situation. In another hand, memories itself are manifest in different realities, they are recorded and born into different manifestations and understandings. But memories can also create a paradox because memory of things can suddenly become a contradiction.


Speculative is defined as the act of looking for possibilities to experiment, explore, deform, create a reposition, and more. Memories are related to humans and all living beings. But memory these days is also an extension of existence — powered by technology. Related to technology to live in modern times. This day, memory also has been integrated with machines, computers and the Internet. (Cybernetics)


In a world that is completely transparent and without limits in the cyber-era, machines learning, robots, artificial intelligence and algorithmic code systems that support automation in everyday functionality or often called the post-human period, suddenly the world is wide open and provides a wealth of knowledge and information that seems new and hidden new things. But on the other hand, there are many concerns arising from its issues that are fundamental in human values. The emergence of neo-tribalism, neo-nationalism, fundamentalism and religious radicalism and many more.


Through many case studies both in the context of the national and global environment, there is ongoing new transition and configuration that inevitable from conflict and destruction of its natural and social nature.

Our memories of reality are often required to work quickly and automatically. Even though digital computing, artificial intelligence is predicted to support the function of the human body in these days. Memory in today’s context is also an algorithm. But that memory is also related to time. Because memories must or can only occur in space & time. From there we try to explore and highlight the times that have had significant effects on social change and community dynamics. As well as different spaces. In particular phenomena, we pay special attention to the space of the Indonesian people from the point of view of nature, politics, art and culture. Through those time various events which have played a big role in compiling the context of humanity and society. Even though we already have extensions of the new space, namely cyberspace, which helps create an open and transparent space. But we still face various crises in many aspects of life.


Most of the work that is present in this edition of Art Bali are presents excavations of their narration and juxtaposition of modernity. They try to build a possible/speculation context from the past. Understanding of history is so broad. Its examined human problems, natural issues, stories of ancestors, the nation’s identity and spirituality. How spirituality was once an ideology held by cultural and national entities. The artists were examining many phenomena and actual dynamics, also the voice from many different generations.



The works displayed at the exhibition today tries to deliver different events. Its shapes its own reality with diverse possibilities. From the past memory in a  perspective that is not only expressed by great power, but presents small pieces of stories that have been buried, washed away, caught up and undiscovered then presented today with us. From this, we can see many stories and facts that are not merely linear, often lyrical but play a significant role in fostering a journey to humanity and living together.

The Participating Artist :

  • Agung ‘Agugn’ Prabowo – Bali
  • Arahmaiani – Yogyakarta
  • Ari Bayuaji – Bali/Canada
  • Ashley Bickerton – Bali/USA
  • Budi Agung Kuswara – Bali
  • Davina Stephens – Selandia Baru/Bali
  • Davy Linggar feat Tulus – Jakarta
  • Deden Hendan Durahman – Bandung
  • Elia Nurvista – Yogyakarta
  • Faisal Habibi – Bandung
  • Franziska Fennert – Yogyakarta/Germany
  • I Gusti Ngurah Udianata (Rahman) – Bali
  • I Made A Palguna – Bali
  • I Wayan Sudarna Putra (Nano) – Bali
  • I Wayan Sujana ‘Suklu’ – Bali
  • Ida Bagus Putu Purwa – Yogyakarta
  • Indieguerillas – Yogyakarta
  • J Ariadhitya Pramuhendra – Bandung
  • Jumaldi Alfi – Yogyakarta
  • Kemalezedine – Bali
  • Komunitas Patung Padas Batubelah -Bali
  • Maharani Mancanagara – Bandung
  • Mujahidin Nurrahman – Bandung
  • Nurrachmat Widyasena (Ito) – Bandung
  • Putu Marmar Herayukti – Bali
  • Putu Sutawijaya – Yogyakarta
  • Setu Legi (Hestu A Nugroho) – Yogyakarta
  • Takashi Kuribayashi – Japan/ Yogyakarta
  • Tisna Sanjaya – Bandung
  • Wimo Ambala Bayang – Yogyakarta
  • Yaya Sung – Jakarta
  • Yunizar – Yogyakarta

Exhibition Opening : 

Saturday, 12nd Oktober 2019

Daily Opening  

13th October 2019 – 13th January 2020,  11.00-21.00 Wita


13 Oktober 2019 | 27 Oktober 2019 | 7 November 2019 | on 11.00 – 13.00 Wita


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