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ARTJOG MMXIX: common|spaces

MXIX ArtJog embarks from the idea of ​“space” as a dimension of the world where humans live: A dimension where everything can be present and move simultaneously. Space is a construct that determines relations between various positions, perspectives, and individual and collective perceptions of world realities.

The term space has been discussed in various binary frameworks of definition and opposition, including natural and cultural spaces; physical and virtual spaces; national and global spaces; social and spiritual spaces, etc. Thus, the title common|spaces is to formulate a practice of art as a “common space” that speaks about all of those spaces. The works in this exhibition try to come forward with a host of actual issues in our lives today. The main question is: what kind of common space do we (humans) live in here and now?

In line with an early understanding of “the commons” as a range of natural resources (water, oxygen, oceans, rivers, etc.), common|space in this exhibition, first, refers to the notion of natural ecosystems as a common space. Modern humans believe that nature exists for us to explore and conquer. However, apart from the various discoveries and sophistications in our ways of exploiting nature, such belief also gives rise to adverse effects and changes on natural conditions. In the past, changes in nature have arisen on account of “its own forces”, now humans have become the source and determinant of such changes.

Nowadays what we call a “natural ecosystem” may be an entirely new environment or “space”. Various species of natural organisms throughout the past century have undergone processes of co-activation and co-habitation with new entities and substances emerged out of humans’ scientific and technological discoveries (plastics, petroleum energy, nuclear energy, etc.). On the other hand, humans have also become very dependent on—and to an extreme degree controlled by—robots, machines, and computers. Digital technology has now been able to bring forth an “environment” or other space—virtual reality—that ultimately influences human ways of thinking and acting.

At the same time, the “common space” in this year’s ARTJOG MXXIX is a social space. A number of artists in this exhibition intervene in the human problems of historical and anachronical perspectives. In the hands of these contemporary artists, issues such as “the private” and “the public”; “the oppressed and the suppressed”; “the gazing” and “the gazed”, etc, acquire new contexts in interesting ways that ultimately open our eyes about how our shared, living space now really needs repositioning, rethinking, reflections, and new criticisms.

Curated by : Agung Hujatnikajennong | Ignatia Nilu | Bambang ‘Toko’ Witjaksono

Participating Artist :

Agan Harahap (Indonesia)

Agnes Christina (Indonesia)

Agung “Agugn” Prabowo (Indonesia)

Andrita Yuniza (Indonesia)

Arin Dwihartanto (Indonesia)

Bagus Pandega & Kei Imazu (Indonesia/Japan)

Bakudapan Food Study Group (Indonesia)

Charles Lim (Singapore)

Cinanti Astria Johansjah (Indonesia)

Elia Nurvista (Indonesia)

Elisabeth Schima (Austria)

Enka Komariah (Indonesia)

Etza Meisyara (Indonesia)

Fika Ria Santika (Indonesia)

Handiwirman Saputra (Indonesia)

I Made Djirna (Indonesia)

I Nyoman Masriadi (Indonesia)

Lifepatch (Indonesia)

M Lugas Sylabus (Indonesia)

Mary Magic (Indonesia)

Natasha Tontey (Indonesia)

Nico Dharmajungen (Indonesia)

Octora Chan (Indonesia)

Patrick G Hartono (Indonesia)

Piramida Gerilya (Indonesia)

Poklong Anading (Indonesia)

Riono Tanggul Nusantara (Indonesia)

Riri Riza (Indonesia)

Robet & Olga (Indonesia)

Samsul Arifin (Indonesia)

Sunaryo (Indonesia)

Supattanawadee Muanta (Indonesia)

Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi (Indonesia)

Teguh Ostenrik (Indonesia)

Tim Woodward (Indonesia)

Tromarama (Indonesia)

Ugo Untoro (Indonesia)

Uji Handoko Eko Saputro (Indonesia)

Wiyoga Muhardanto (Indonesia)

Yusra Martunus (Indonesia)


Exhibition : 25 July — 25 August 2019

Venue : Jogja National Museum

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