Resemble a Collage of Memories: Meet + Communicate + Collaborate + Distribute

Resemble a Collage of Memories: Meet + Communicate + Collaborate + Distribute

During my weeks of visiting vienna, I’ve been experience generative art, cultures and context about the roles of curator and defining ‘cultural educators’ context in presence overview. The trip was become a strong impetus of traveling on cultural and intellectual experiment in Vienna, Linz, Berlin and Leipzig.

Its not so common for a young curator like me which are affiliates with annual festival — named it Artjog, possible to manage an adventurous life, says it like : living in the suitcase and impulsifly follow personal tendency to go and visit places a lot. And this trip are, the first longest trip I did in last 2 years. But I should not complain my life. I keep producing things, and can say very much of exhibitionary platform is now bring me to questioning many aspect which are totally related to the open call of Kultur Kontakt residency ‘cultural educators’.

In my Indonesian opinion, cultural educators is sounds like : cultural ambassadors positions, which are most of my collegues assumed its not-related to my recent practice as curators. But in my very much deep personal opinion, I got big drive to join this opportunity to access a research and networking for ‘new media practice’ which are I’m so much interest with. And by the managerial support from Kultur Kontakt ladies : Brigitte Burgman, Nicole & Eva — I manages to meet at least 40 prominent contact of Viennese New Media Art Scene. Ranging from Artist, Composer, Designer, Writer, Educators, Lectures, Govermental & Non-Govermental Organization, Collective & Trans-disiplinary practioners. I should say, they really did a great job and gave me beyond my expectation. *Attached is my timeline schedules during my program in Vienna. And I also add, some *add on meeting which I organize my self.

Everything is really nice, except in fact I should pay my on airfare cost. But they gave me really nice apartment which located in the centre of Vienna, and also good amount of stipend money. But sometimes, some hazzle is comes to you, in unexpected time, for instance — like I got a troubles which buying a new smartphones, since, communication is the only tools I need in this positions. In this digital era, my only tools is internet and mobile device.

In this very much short prologue of my research & cultural observation, I’ve been started plenty of premises and question which are ranging and covers many layers, multi-disciplinary aspect and non-binary way of thinking.

The roles of curator in Indonesian art scene, is located in so much important and dominating as cultural production or making. More or less, in my Yogyakarta & Bali experience. Since I work in this both cities. Yogyakarta offering an openness which most cities in Indonesia doesn’t facilitate that perspective. But it could be translated in different way. In sense of Yogyakarta is the heart of cultural, art and educations. Many people come to have study, learn & collaborate in may way. Its very beautiful socially engages. But at some point we can be loose a drive to go beyond our safe zone as ‘cultural laboratory’ — Since I expect that term of art is very much useful to operate as intellectual tools which are accessible for everyone to have critical and progressive consciousness. But also in the same time, it has its flexibilities to keep in open to various way to be playful and emotionally engaged.

We started to adapting what is called ‘curators’ from western perspective, since we don’t have a historical background of museum centric. So the former person who role in this position is declare themselves as art critics or historian, but then after new order, says 1999 we started to to use term ‘curators’ as a specifics position of somebody who works on cultural production in the constellation of art practice. Then and after, the early curators in Indonesia are role as independent curators. And there are several ‘big names’ we knew who are role as curators ; says : Jim Supangkat, Hendro Wiyanto, Carla Bianpoen, and many more. They are a leading generation of using this frameworks of cultural production to be more contextualized In many layers. And there is not so much regenerations in our fields. In 2012, Cemeti Art house is did a ground-breaking program by held a young curators camp and regenerate 11 young curators and I should be very much proud, I was, one of the 11 young curators selected by the programs.

2013-2018 is my real experiments of finding interest, personal drive and vision of using this position as tools to works on interesting projects. By experience of administrative, management works in Gallery, art space, NGOs, Biennale and journalist — I was so much driven to realizing social political context to engaged with art practice.

In several significant works I should mentioned are : Transformaking, Artjog, WAT Studio & Art Bali. These projects are the starting point and also debut for me to see how I can develop idea, context, social organism, activism, intellectual producer, laboratory and living space as something which always playful and fun. So, I realize — my relationship with computer and internet is bring me so much closer to art, subcultures, music, sci-fi and technology. And I found it, non-binary practice is something untranslated from my focus.

Vienna, is places I always want to see in this world. In fact, people see Vienna as baroque city,neo-gothic, quite and conservative in many way, but in my perspective, Vienna having a real under-ground movement which are really ground breaking. Can you ever imagine, the time Konrad Becker create a place such as Public Netdatabase. And such an interesting female artist works with electro-accoustic music like Elisabeth Schimana, then founds a dream places such as Institute for Media Archeology. Or the first feminist Hackerspace like — Miz Baltazar Lab. And also Ars Electronica. There are so many layers you’ll find like for instance, small progressive spaces like K48, a 10meters square rooms belongs to Oliver Hang studio and in one nights he produce a social events. Or space like Fluc in the centre, which are so much talking about the criticism of gentrification action. And later I meet Benhard Gal which organize a festival like SUAL at Echoraum. Also meet Martin Breindl from Alien production who also organize a festival and a occupied spaces like — Fluss.


Networking, Collaboration & Values Exchanges
I will start to translate my research from a point of view, that main agenda of residency is a creating a networks. So we can also define many things from this premise. Since networks can be describes in many way, scientifically, socially or philosophically. And networks also can be define as atomic reaction from positive compound.

And I should say, 3 weeks of stay is non realistic time to create a profound presentation of my research. And also I need to giving very much clear perspective of what I can offered as values exchanges in this stages. So this projects is not end yet, and it has to be continue. We will plan soon and publish the product of this research soon 😊




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